Hi, I'm Henry. In 2012 I quit my job as a programmer at BioWare to spend a year making my own indie games. This blog is about what happened next...

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2.5 Launch & Livestream

Spaceteam 2.5

Spaceteam 2.5 has just been released on iOS and Android!

The big news is that Bluetooth is back, and there's a new connection mode called Internet that you can use if neither Wifi or Bluetooth are working for you. This should help you play Spaceteam wherever in the universe you find yourself.

Livestream and Tournament

In honour of the Buzztime launch, I'll be hosting a livestream event this Thursday where I'll be playing Spaceteam with friends, sharing tips, and chatting with the community (that's you!).

At the same time I'll be running a mini tournament that you can join from wherever you are by entering the Event Code in the Spaceteam app (I'll announce the Event Code on the day of the tournament). The game will record your scores to a special leaderboard and I'll be awarding prizes to the top teams.

Please join us on Thursday April 20th at 6pm EDT on my newly-minted Twitch channel here: https://www.twitch.tv/captainspaceteam

New Buzztime Skin

Buzztime has been working on a new skin to commemorate the event and they have two themes to choose from. Vote on which skin you want to see here: http://www.buzztime.com/spaceteam-fanvote

Version 2.5 will officially be the last major update to the Spaceteam app, as after next week I'll be spending most of my development time on Blabyrinth. Spaceteam will still get bug fixes and minor improvements, but no new features. It's had a fantastic run and there are still a few surprises in store elsewhere in the Spaceteam ecosystem.

Plus I'm always happy to add new languages as long as the community keeps volunteering to translate! Coming up next: Finnish, Serbian, and Esperanto.

I hope to see you online on Thursday.

Space out!

~ Henry (aka Captain Spaceteam)