Hi, I'm Henry. In 2012 I quit my job as a programmer at BioWare to spend a year making my own indie games. This blog is about what happened next...

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Admiral’s Club 2.0

With the upcoming launch of Spaceteam 2.0 I will also be re-opening the Admiral’s Club to new members using Patreon, which is another crowdfunding platform.

I wanted to give existing club members a heads up about what that means.

First of all, the work I’ve been doing for the Kickstarter project is still happening. Blabyrinth is still in progress, and Shipshape is still in my future plans (although it’s possible I may make another game first… too early to tell).

Secondly, I don’t want my Kickstarter backers to feel any pressure to join the new campaign. You were part of the initial push, the founding members, and I’m forever grateful for that. You’ve helped keep Spaceteam alive and kick-started these new projects into existence.

The Patreon campaign gives new fans the opportunity to join and helps me stay sustainable long-term. It’s different from Kickstarter in that patrons subscribe to creators they like by giving a small amount every month (eg. $1 or $5). It’s more in line with my philosophy of supporting people rather than projects, and it’s a more predictable income stream.

If you’re frustrated that Blabyrinth isn’t ready yet, I understand. I am too. I wish I was working on it right now. But all the projects that it made way for, some planned, some unexpected, were worthwhile investments and couldn’t have happened without your support.

  • Spaceteam ESL now has a life of its own through Concordia, and has opened further educational doors
  • Spaceteam Apple TV got some great App Store features and experience working with a big screen
  • Spaceteam the Card Game was a fun foray into the physical universe and gave me a peek at the board game production process
  • Spaceteam Unity solves a difficult problem and ensures a healthy future for all my games
  • CaptainsMess will hopefully lead to even more awesome games from others!

I’d like to point out that crowdfunding, specifically, was what allowed me to pursue these opportunities. It would have been very hard to sell the Spaceteam rebuild, for example, because it’s not a new game.

These are the kind of business decisions that I have to make if I want to keep on creating. I’ll continue to be transparent about them and I’m hoping that I’ll get to spend more time on creative decisions in the near future :)

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or comments.

Space out!


P.S. I’ll be in San Francisco next week at the Casual Connect conference if any of you want to say hi or go for a drink.